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Mobile cooling systems convey fresh, cooled, cleaned and dehumidified air into the room. The conditioned fresh air is conveyed through the channel system and is gravitationally driven towards the floor, pushing the hot and used air up towards the ceiling and outside the room.


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System functioning

Each individual system is based upon a package unit with 20 or 35,2 kW cooling power. Through perforated Ø500mm PVC channels, these units convey up to 6.000 m3/hr of fresh and conditioned air into the room.

The units are placed outdoors on the ground or on the roof and are connected to the electricity supply according to standard regulations. They can be switched on and off outdoors (on individual units) or within the room. A flexible tube is installed to connect each unit with its channel, which is set up about 3 to 4 m from the floor in the room. Package units usually feed in 100% fresh outdoor air, they then filter and dehumidify the air and in the case of cooling cool it down to as low as 13°C.

Conditioned fresh air is conveyed through the channel system into the room and gravitationally falls towards the floor. People and devices on the floor act as generators of heat, causing thermal lifting of heated air towards the ceiling. This in turn means drawing cold air in near the ground, which completes the circle of conveying used and hot air up towards the ceiling and outside the room.

In this way we produce a stable air situation with no draught and a considerable vertical temperature difference. Another important aspect of this concept is excellent energy efficiency, which is gained through pushing the majority of the hot air outdoors, instead of directly cooling the whole of it.


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