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INPRO d.o.o. Novo mesto
Loke 4
8351 Straža

Alenka Bajec
Head of KlimaRent programme

+386 7 30 84 896

+386 51 322 387

Inpro d.o.o. Novo Mesto, Loke 4, 8351 Straža, Slovenia
T: +386 7 30 84 850   F: +386 7 30 84 851   E:

The KlimaRent group is centered around the Slovene company Inpro d.o.o. Novo mesto, which has been dealing with designing and implementing all sorts of machine installations with special emphasis on air conditioning systems since 1991. Since 1995, the major orientation of the company has become the rental of mobile air conditioning systems, known today under the common trade name, KlimaRent.

Today, KlimaRent is a fast-growing and dynamic business system with representative offices in most countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe. Offering a wide range of air-conditioning equipment, it is the leading rental specialist in the region.

We wish to raise awareness among the business public about the benefits of rental solutions for air-conditioning needs and in this way consolidate and expand our support to business clients throughout the region.


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