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Is air conditioning rental expensive?
On the contrary, it is very cost-effective. In addition, you avoid committing too much capital to the purchase of air conditioning equipment.
Are there any hidden costs in renting?
No. The monthly rent includes the entire air conditioning service of your facilities. The only exception would be the costs of electricity.
Is it possible to deduct rental expenses on tax returns?
Absolutely. You can deduct all KlimaRent expenses on your tax return.
How long does the installation of an air conditioning system take?
That depends on many factors, such as the level of urgency, number of package units used, the complexity of installation, remoteness from our nearest logistical centre and so on. In general, we possess all the necessary equipment to respond to your immediate air conditioning needs in a reasonable time. There are cases where rented equipment was installed within just a few hours.
Do KlimaRent systems, besides cooling and ventilating, offer anything else?
Yes. KlimaRent systems provide all the fundamental functions for conditioning air, such as ventilation, cooling, heating and controlling dampness.
Is there a possibility to exchange an old KlimaRent system for a new one?
If wished, our experts can estimate the value of your Klimarent system and its value will be subtracted from the rent which you are already paying.
How can I learn more about KlimaRent services?
Simply send us an e-mail to
or call your local representative at 00386 7 30 84 850.

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