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Dehumidifiers, humidifiers and air fresheners
are the right answer to many specific needs
for air conditioning.


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Dehumidifying and humidifying air is becoming an indispensable function in many areas:

Our dehumidifying services are needed in various cases:

Dehumidifying new buildings
Dehumidifying can speed up the construction significantly. Some processes can take up to 10 times less time when using dehumidifiers. It is also interesting to note that a new building uses up to 50% more heating energy if it has not been dried properly.

Dehumidifying damp buildings
Especially in the case of old buildings, humidity can be very unpleasant and even dangerous. In many cases, we also assure the removal of possible unpleasant smells.

Dehumidifying after water damage
Water damage can be caused by a flood, the outflow from waterworks, putting out a fire, or by other factors. In such cases, professional dehumidification can prevent much more severe damage from occurring.

Measurement of humidity
Humidity measurement is an integral part of our service.

Industrial processes
Many technological processes are sensitive to humidity. Dehumidifiers can frequently prevent a lot of damage and technological problems.

Storing products such as foodstuffs, paper, furniture, products made of steel and the like, demand careful control of humidity.

Dehumidifiers enable painting of dry walls even in circumstances where it would otherwise be impossible or very expensive. In addition, they ensure that the paint dries quickly.

Many other areas,
such as drying houses for wood or linen, museums, archives, laboratories, cellars and the like.


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